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Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesale Presentation

Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is a core supplier specialized in the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in an international basis. Established in 1998 with the goal of expanding its service to a global scale, the company obtained its Warehouse Distribution License (WDL) in 2007. Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is now an integral part of the market and supplying to 86 countries in 6 continents with its robust service network.

The wide and expanding range of branded and generic alternative medicines that Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler currently supplies enables the company to reach out to as many people as possible, who are suffering from the lack of proper medication. Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, in other words, is actively contributing to improve the quality of health all over the world.

Since its foundation, Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler has been improving its competence in every aspect to ensure a reliable and high quality supply chain, which effectively implements sourcing, storing and transportation solutions. Relying on its cumulative experience in handling both branded and generic pharmaceuticals, Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler meets all the requirements of its clients by having an extensive coverage of medicines, full compliance to GDP guidelines and tailor-made solutions for supply.