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Medical Supplies & Emergency Kits

Medical Supplies and Emergency Kits

Thought be as low cost, disposable and non-durable materials, medical supplies and especially emergency kits are essential materials for the treatments of diseases and/or injuries. Therefore, in line with our core belief that every participant in national healthcare markets around the world needs to access high quality and affordable medication whenever a need arises, Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler’s product portfolio is as broad as to include medical supplies and equipment; consumables, various diagnostic and customized kits, surgical, dental, laboratory and hospital equipment and etc.

With many years of experience in its particular sector, as the leader amongst Turkish Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, we are offering medical supplies and equipment with competitive prices including but not limited to healthcare institutions, clinics and hospitals on an international basis. In addition to sourcing medical materials seamlessly, our proven supply chain capabilities also enable us to deliver medical supplies through special transport options for cold chain products.