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International Sales

International Sales of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products

Increasing growth in the healthcare costs and existence of custom pricing policies of drug manufacturers lead a flow of supply of medications across countries. This often causes unavailability and unaffordability of drugs and healthcare products in respective markets. Thus, not only patients but other participants in the healthcare markets such as health institutions, public and private healthcare providers and pharmacies also cannot access to proper medication when they need them.

Committed to make international sales of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products at competitive prices, our ever-growing line of business includes but not limited to the following services;

  • Meet the needs of public and private hospitals, healthcare providers on an international basis
  • Supply of comparator drugs and sourcing products for clinical trials
  • Providing the demands of national and international humanitarian agencies and NGOs
  • Procurement of medical devices and equipment (including medical items and kits) for healthcare projects worldwide
  • Providing orphan drugs

As a leader and pioneer of pharmaceutical wholesale in Turkey, and with an export coverage of 86 countries at the moment, Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is currently working with more than 350 customers in these countries for the provision of more than 2250 pharmaceuticals actively. Together with our effective and competitive service, we are still enlarging our service area.