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Affordability of Drugs

Corena: A Turkish Pharmaceutical Wholesale Pioneer for Affordability of Drugs

Prices for medicinal products can vary from country to country as national governments set the prices based on a mix of national regulations, priorities and agreements with drug manufacturers. Country- to- country price in-balances, in turn may result in unaffordability and inaccessibility of pharmaceutical products as their prices might be high for some countries. Parallel import or sometimes referred as parallel trade or distribution, on the other hand, stands as an effective and legal solution for high prices and unavailability of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods.

Parallel import basically means to purchase medicines in a country (usually a neighbouring one) that sells them at a reasonable price and then to distribute those products alongside the distribution network created by the drug manufacturer or its authorised distributor in one’s own country of origin. It is called ‘parallel’ as it takes place outside and usually in parallel the producer’s distribution channels. Based on the principle of free movement of goods between different economies, such practice of trade in medicinal products allows participants of healthcare markets from different countries to reach more affordable medicines when they need them.

As a leader and pioneer of pharmaceutical wholesale in Turkey, Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler has been actively supplying affordable pharmaceutical products to 86 countries in 5 continents with its 20 years’ experience and track record of success in pharmaceutical wholesale. Engaged in pharmaceutical wholesale in Turkey, it has been contributing to meet the demand for more affordable branded and/or generic pharmaceutical and healthcare products, and for broader accessibility to modern treatments around the world. In this respect, rather than aiming to specific countries or markets as geographical area of focus, Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler inspired by the globalization of pharmaceuticals has endeavoured to carry its business on a global scale.

In this context, our growing line of business includes but not limited to the following categories;

  • Meet the demands of public and private hospitals, healthcare providers worldwide
  • Providing orphan drugs
  • Procurement of medical devices and equipment for healthcare projects
  • Providing the needs of national and international humanitarian agencies and NGOs
  • Supply of comparator drugs
  • Sourcing products for clinical trials

Within its business activities, Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler has fully complied with related national laws and regulations, and the current European Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Further, in order to assure quality in its service, it applies all necessary systems and procedures such as fully electronic Batch/Lot Traceability System and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

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