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Awards 2017

We have been awarded as the second biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler exporter in 2016 | 26.04.2017

We are proud to share our 2016 end-year evaluation within the frame of the sectorial data which was announced by our chamber IKMMIB recently.

With approximately 133 million TL of export sales, we have been awarded as the second biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler in 2016 in the “Export of Pharmaceutical Products” category. We made our biggest sales ever and additionally has been entitled as the second company which increased its annual export the most. We also added new countries to our service area and reached to new markets during the year, and with this achievement, we were ranked fourth by means of total number of new markets entered.

We aim to increase our sales figures, enter new markets and maintain our success rate in 2017.

Turkish competition authority, launched an investigation into Roche Müstahzarları San. A.Ş. | 11.07.2017

In response to the 13th Chamber of the Council of State Competition Board re-evaluated the application which included the claims that for selling products Roche Müstahzarları San. A.Ş. required the those undertakings signing of an agreement with overseas sales prohibitions, that it refused to supply products to the Co-Re-Na Ecza Deposu Dış. Tic. A.Ş. After 2010 for refusing to comply with that condition, that it prevented other pharmaceutical warehouses from selling ROCHE products to the aforementioned warehouse, and that it thereby violated articles 4 and 6 of the Act no 4054.

In the preliminary inquiry previously conducted, the aforementioned practices were examined and the decision dated 17.06.2010 and numbered 10-44/785-262 was taken, stating that complaint should be rejected and an investigation should not be initiated. However, the aforementioned Board decision was annulled with the 13th Chamber of the Council of State’s decision dated 16.12.2016 and numbered 2010/4617 E., 2016/4241 K.

After discussing the information and documents included in the file in its meeting of 08.06.2017, the Board, in light of the points raised in the Court decision, decided to launch an investigation on Roche Müstahzarları San. A.Ş. under article 41 of the Act no 4054 in order to determine whether the act no 4054 was violated, with the decision numbered 17-19/306-M.

As is known, article 4 of the Act no 4054 prohibits anti-competitive agreements and concerted practices between undertakings, while article 6 prohibits abuses of dominant position.

Source : Turkish Competition Authority

TIMREPORT / TIM First 1000 Special Issue Interview | 11.07.2017

Kaizen philosophy in healthcare by CO-RE-NA

As an international supplier specialized in the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical items, CO-RE-NA was established in 1998. The company obtained its Warehouse Distribution License (WDL) in 2007 with the aim of expanding its service to a global scale, and now it is one of the biggest companies in the healthcare sector. CO-RE-NA has become a big part of the market in a short period and is currently supplying to 86 countries in 6 continents. Starting with the supply of diverse healthcare items and hospital furniture to the UN contractors, CO-RE-NA broadened its geographical reach and services to the international area afterwards.

“Our ambitious and devoted team is the key to our success.”, says Ali REİS, the Export Manager. “Our effective and high-quality sourcing, storing and transportation solutions alongside with our competent team, are also playing a big role in the competitive standing of CO-RE-NA. We are primarily analyzing the needs of the target markets, expanding our vendor base and product portfolio accordingly every day since we headed into the global market. Thanks to our strong logistics partners, we are also able to meet the transportation expectations of our customers. In this regard, we can say that we are managing all the stages efficiently and successfully. “

Service Quality within European Standards

With an export sales of 133 million TL in 2016, CO-RE-NA, checks its progress upon the yearly evaluation of IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association). The company is using the highest technology in its services. “By using ITS (Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System) in all processes, we are able to check the authenticity of any item and to track its transaction phases, pre and after sales”, emphasises Mr. Reis. “We are combining Kaizen philosophy and total quality management concept. With the aim of confident and continuous advancement, we put GDP (Good Distribution Practices) to the center of our quality management policy. CO-RE-NA is the first pharmaceutical wharehouse that used GPD in its premises at the time when these practices were not mandatory in the country. All our processes; sourcing, storing and supply is carried out by our own CRM software updated regularly. We are pursuing the highest customer satisfaction by improving our quality and service standards. In this context, I can say that we are offering a service quality within European Standards.”

CO-RE-NA Export manager